Completing my first full marathon at Disney!

With a passion in creativity and organization, I want to develop an app that cleans up the online profile platforms through a single pane of glass as a form of a user micro-landing page.

I am very excited to scale and transform Orca into a new type of user to user connecting platform that has not been introduced into the market yet.

Random Facts

  • At the age of 17, I dedicated myself to exercise and a strict diet lost 70lbs within 3 months from being very overweight.
  • I switched my major to Computer Science and Business within the first week of college at Lehigh University.
  • I have attended over 100 hackathons as a participant, mentor, judge, director, and speaker since 2015.
  • I run a blog called chapter1.io where I interview startup founders and people in the tech industry.

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